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Do you know how to prepare a Relaxing Bath? Come here…

July 30, 2013

Taking your time to relax to reduce stress and make you feel good about yourself. A warm bath can help relax tensed nerves. It can also improve your health... not just beauty health!

Here some pieces of advice for you:

  1. You may want to take a shower beforehand, so you do not feel like you are bathing in dirt.(optional)
  2. Make sure your bathroom is clean and warm, so that you feel comfortable when you bathe. Put your nightwear on the radiator so they're nice and toasty for when you get out.
  3. Perhaps plan a themed bath, have a sleep inducing bath-all lavender products. Try to avoid artificial perfumes and fragrances as they do not provide the same relaxing qualities as do pure essential oils and can also cause irritation.
  4. Make sure that the bath is not too hot, yet not too cold. If it’s too hot, it may cause dizziness, yet too cold it will be uncomfortable and you might get sick.
  5. Collect together some of your fluffy towels, preferably 100% cotton, something to wear when you get out of the bath, and arrange some candles in the bathroom for a soft relaxing light and a nice comfortable glow. (avoid scented candles and be sure to place the candles in a place that will not start a fire, so you won't have to worry during your relaxation time.) Have the towels and body wear placed within easy reach.
  6. Use an inflatable bath pillow to rest your neck while you are bathing. You can normally find them in any bath/bed/linen shop. If the pillow does not stick, just use a cotton bath towel, all folded up. That will work too.
  7. Find some of your favorite music to play, but make sure no electrical devices like radios are close enough they could fall into the tub.
  8. Prepare your favorite food or beverage and place it within easy reach, but far enough away that it will not fall in the bathtub.
  9. Add about 8 drops of your favorite essential oil. Lavender oil is well known for its sleep inducing qualities and rose oil has a lovely sweet relaxing fragrance. Geranium is another comforting fragrance, vanilla is always a good idea too, and it is cheap and relaxing. Optional: Then, tip in 2 cup of bath salts. Consider adding 1-2 cups of Epsom salt, as it will help prevent pruning of fingers and toes, and heel bruises, during long soaks.
  10. Tie up your hair (if it is long).
  11. Carefully climb into the bath, and relax in the warm water. Cotton pads soaked in ice-cold water can be placed over the eyes while you rest, to remove puffiness, or chilled slices of cucumber.
  12. If you want to, wet your face and apply a facial mask, then lie back and relax for as long as you want. Remember to wash the mask off thoroughly and cleanse.
  13. When you have finished relaxing, use a 100% cotton flannel to wash yourself all over.
  14. When you decide to get out of the bath, blot yourself dry, and finish by applying body lotion or moisturizer. Cocoa butter is affordable, widely available and is very nourishing.
  15. Afterward keep relaxing and pour yourself a warm cup of tea, or if tea isn't for you, a hot drink that has no caffeine in it would be great.
  16. Hop into bed for an early night, or just read a book or watch a film.. anything relaxing!

Enjoy your bath and dream!!!!